Summer ’16 Top Beauty Picks


Philosophy Renewed Hope in a Jar // Lush Sea Spray // Glossier Mega Greens Face Mask // Supergoop Sunscreen // Too Faced Chocolate Bronzer // Fresh Sugar Nude Lip Tint

I was going to start this by saying, “I love summer!” but what I really love are seasonal changes. In August, I can’t wait for October and in January I’m craving spring so it’s only right that I’m dying for it to be summer already! In San Francisco, we rarely get summers with true summer-weather but we still get the benefits of California Summers: Fresh fruit, sandy beaches and excuses to dress like it’s summer.

In addition to seasonal changes, I usually change-up my beauty/skincare routine as well. These are a few of my FAVORITE products. I use the Philosophy moisturizer year-round. It’s just THAT good but what I love is that it doesn’t make your skin oily in summer either. It’s lightweight and stays on under makeup. I’m also ALL about the Fresh Nude lip tint. It has a light beige shimmer to it and looks great when you’re going for the “no makeup makeup” look. The Too Faced chocolate bronzer is also to-die… it smells like chocolate and goes on matte so it doesn’t leave you with sweaty glitter all over your face after a hot day 😉

Do you use any of the products above? Let me know which summer products you’re loving in the comments!

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